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St Mary's Choir

The choir is an integral part of the services at Saint Mary’s Church, Cubbington, in every applicable service.

We robe and fill the church with the music of hymns and anthems. The choir is a four part choir, which allows us to perform all of the music to the utmost of our abilities and to sing them the way that they were meant to be sung. We are a choir of twenty members, although there is always room for more willing singers who show an interest. We sing at parish communion services each Sunday morning and at evensong twice every month.

Another role of the choir at Saint Mary’s Church is to sing at special services throughout the year, including Weddings, funerals, along with many more. The choir has an active social life within itself, with choir meals being held regularly. These promote a happy and productive environment to be able to work together in.

Our choir is a joyous group of people who get along well, enjoy their roles, and help the congregation of the church as a whole, to worship.

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