Trinity 23  Second Sunday before Advent 2020

Something to think about

  • What aspects of worship are you missing most and why?

  • How important is Holy Communion to you?

  • How do you see the bread and wine?

  • What do you feel, if anything, when you receive the bread?

  • What are your thoughts about the Call to Prayer?

  • How can we encourage others to take part?

A Prayer for today

Loving God,
at this time of crisis
when so many are suffering,
we pray for our nation and our world.
Give our leaders wisdom,
our Health Service strength,
our people hope.
Lead us through these parched and difficult days
to the fresh springs of joy and comfort
that we find in Jesus Christ our Lord.

A prayer for next week

Loving Father God,
be with us in our distress;
be with our families, friends, and neighbours,
our country and our world.
Give health to the sick,
hope to the fearful,
and comfort to mourners.
Give wisdom to our frontline and key workers,
insight to our Government,
and patience to us all.
Overcome disease with the power of your new life,
through your Son, Jesus Christ our Lord.

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St. Mary’s Church





Trinity 23


November 15th


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