Trinity Sunday 2020

A Prayer of Trust


The Lord sits enthroned over the flood; the Lord sits enthroned as king forever. Psalm 29:10


God, our God, King over all, including this chaos.

You are always enthroned on high;

You are always king.

You alone are sovereign over this world you have made.

In a time when we groan with uncertainty, when we are overwhelmed by the invisible flood of pandemic and panic,

Be king.

Be king over nations, and governments.

Be king over sickness and death.

Be king over communities and families.

Be king over me.

Be king over the floods around me and the floods in me.

In Jesus’ name.


St. Mary’s Church




Trinity Sunday

June 7th 2020

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Something to think about

  • What do you picture when you think about God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit?

  • How would you describe the Holy Trinity to a non-believer?

  • How do you think they are related?

  • Does it worry/annoy you that there are aspects of our faith that we don’t fully understand?

  • Why did Jesus want the disciples to go out and baptise people?

  • Is there a need to continue to baptise people today or should be do something more modern?

  • I can picture Jesus standing on the mountain preaching etc, where do you like to picture Jesus and what is He doing?

  • What acts of kindness have you witnessed or heard about since the lockdown?

  • What sort of feeling do you get from knowing that Jesus is with us until the end of the age?





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