Trinity 2 2020

Something to think about

  • What are some words you’d use to describe your father?

  • What was he like? What qualities did he have?

  • What sorts of things did your father teach you?

  • What did your father do for work? Around your home? In your community?

  • Why do fathers sometimes say “no”?

  • How do you typically talk about God—what do you call him?

  • Think of the Lord’s Prayer: “Our Father…” Who is our Heavenly Father? What is He like?

  • God is close to us, intimate. Jesus calls the Father “Abba,” an Aramaic word that means “Daddy.” How is the word “daddy” different than “father”?

  • As God’s children, what are we supposed to do?

A Prayer for all Fathers

Lord, thank you for all fathers

For the new ones who endure sleepless nights

with babies in their arms.

For the busy ones who juggle the pressures of home

 and family life.

For the steadfast ones who nurture and care

 for vulnerable children.

For the patient ones who always seek to forgive and

engage with their teenagers.

For persistent ones who cleverly find new ways to

connect with their young adults.

For all dads that we love but see no longer.

For all grandads who love and support their

 precious grandchildren.

For the foster dads that are called to gather and

cover the fragile ones.

For dads who give far beyond their own resources,

 who overcome disability to cherish and love.

Thank you Lord for all our wonderful fathers.

Help us to support them and keep them in our prayers.

May you bless them now on this special day.


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Trinity 2

June 21st 2020






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