Trinity 18  2020

Something to think about

  • What makes you feel un-safe?

  • How do you overcome such feelings?

  • What does ‘safeguarding’ means to you?

  • In what way does the bible speak about safeguarding?

  • What part do you play in ‘safeguarding?

  • Have you ever tried doing what Brother Lawrence did, thinking that when you were doing a task it was only for God?

  • If you have, how did it feel?

  • What’s stopping you from making every job a task for God?

A Prayer for Keeping People Safe



Loving Father God,

We come to you in the knowledge that you hold all your children in unconditional love.

We lift to you those who are vulnerable and in need of protection.
Give them your safety, comfort and peace.

We cry to you for those who are hurting and whose trust has been broken.
Give them your healing, restoration and justice.

We bring to you those who seek to forgive others who have hurt them.
Give them your strength, courage and hope.

For those who have caused your children to stumble,
lead them to seek your forgiveness and to enter into true repentance.

Thank you for all who give their time, knowledge, and skills to make our communities safer.
Give them your wisdom, guidance and grace.

For ourselves, we ask you to give us your heart for the vulnerable, the oppressed, the voiceless and the forgotten. Help us to see them as you see them; to value them as you value them, and to nurture and

protect them as you desire.

Help each one of us play our part in creating

safer places for all your people.

In your name we pray,


St. Mary’s Church





Trinity 18

October 11th


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