Trinity 16  2020

Something to think about

  • Think about the different styles, shapes of church that you may have worshipped in, how were they different from St. Mary’s?

  • What part of Paul’s prayer touches you most?

  • Paul went to prison; how far would you be prepared to go for the Gospel?

  • What has been the most challenging part of your Christian journey?

  • When have you felt Jesus’ compassion strongest in your life?

  • Do you believe that without Jesus we are dead, if so why?

St. Mary’s Church





Trinity 16

September 27th 2020

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A prayer for Trust

Lord, You are the God of peace and love

in Whom I place my trust.

Give me a peaceful heart that rests in You and a loving spirit that pours fourth Your love to others.


Lord, You are the God of comfort and rest

in Whom I put my hope.

Give me a heart that abides in You so that Your comfort may stream through me to others who need comfort and strength.


Lord, You are the God of hope and joy

in Whom I stand secure.

Give me a spirit of devotion that worships only You so that I may be a worthy witness that points to Jesus,

for in Him is all peace and love

and comfort and rest and hope and joy and love.

I place my trust in You, Lord.






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