St Mary’s Eco Church Group

St Mary’s Church Eco Group   

This month sees our FAIRTRADE FORTNIGHT event take place on Saturday 7th May 2022.

We are supporting it with a Fairtrade Coffee Morning in Church 10am to 11.30am. Do come along. There will be info corners, quizzes and short films to watch - as well as Fairtrade products to enjoy. There is an amazing Fairtrade food raffle too. Should be a fun event for all the village.
Fairtrade - how much do you know? Fairtrade say this:- "Fairtrade is a simple way to make a difference to the lives of the people who grow the things we love. We do this by changing the way trade works through better prices, decent working conditions and a fair deal for farmers and workers in developing countries. Fairtrade is unique. We work with businesses, consumers and campaigners. Farmers and workers have an equal say in everything we do. Empowerment is at the core of who we are. We have a vision: a world in which all producers can enjoy secure and sustainable livelihoods, fulfil their potential and decide on their future. Our mission is to connect disadvantaged producers and consumers, promote fairer trading conditions and empower producers to combat poverty, strengthen their position and take more control over their lives.". Fairtrade products include: tea, coffee, banana's, cocoa, chocolate, sugar, beauty products, cotton, gold, flowers and more. It's not just about banana's, nuts and coffee though, important though they are. DISCOVER FAIRTRADE GOLD say an estimated 16 million small scale miners work in dangerous conditions around the world to provide gold that may end up on our high streets. Exploited by some middlemen, and forced to handle hazardous chemicals such as mercury, small scale mining is a harsh and precarious way to earn a livelihood that often leaves miners living in poverty. You have the power to do something about this – by buying, and promoting, Fairtrade Gold. Want to buy Fairtrade Products? There are over 4,500 Fairtrade products on offer so when you shop look out for the Fairtrade Mark. Eco Tips For May
Now is a good time to be thinking about growing summer flowers and vegetables so this month we're looking at ways we can be more “green” in our patch, whether we've got a garden, balcony, allotment, window box, hanging basket, or pots and tubs.
Create a larder for bees. Choose flowers that bees can get into easily and provide them with a banquet of food. Some useful information is online here:
Plan for slugs. When it comes to sowing and planting, assume you'll have some casualties and plant more than you need. When planting out seedlings, make a circle of crushed eggshells around each one – slugs don't like crawling on a rough surface. Protect your seedlings from frost, slugs and mice. Make mini greenhouses from clear plastic bottles: remove the screw top, cut off the base and push the sawn-off bottle over the seedling and into the soil. Don't be too tidy. Leave a patch of leaves and twigs where bugs and beetles can feel at home: they could be your friends by feasting on the less welcome insects that eat your plants. More great news – Tricia West has recently been appointed as the Deanery Environmental Representative for Warwick and Leamington Deanery. This role will support local parishes in their journey for treading lightly on God’s earth, being more sustainable and environmentally friendly in their mission. Are you interested in joining us? Could you lend a hand? If so, please give Tricia West a call on 07855-830011 or email

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